Opening of the core exhibition at the Museum of the History of Polish Jews

On October 28, the core exhibition at Museum of the History of Polish Jews was opened. This place should become a path to knowledge. We often talk about the history of the Jews as something that began in 1939 and ended in 1943. Marian Turski once showed me a 10 złoty banknote. On the one side, it features the first Polish king, and on the other – the first Polish coin. If it is Polish coin, every Pole should be able to read what is written on it. However, the inscription is in the Hebrew alphabet.

With Artur Hofman, Jewish Community Day at the MHPJ, October 26, 2014

I think it’s important to remember that our shared Polish-Jewish history has been linked since Ibrahim ibn Jakub, who first wrote about Poland until this day and us who live here now.
The core exhibition the Museum of the History of Polish Jews is of utmost importance.
Developing it took a long time. It is at least as important that the infrastructure of the Museum will be used as an extensive learning center that will create programs for both Poles and Jews.
The events in Poland after 1989 caused not so much that the Jews came back so much as that they became visible. The MHPJ is a symbol of this visibility – the memory and the present.