Notes on the Constitutional Tribunal’s ruling on religious slaughter

Well, I’m happy.
Because the Constitutional Tribunal ruled that the ban on religious slaughter is unconstitutional.
Because at a time when anti-Jewish excesses of hooligans, acts of vandalism or “Hindu symbols of happiness” are no reason to be outraged according to the prosecutor’s office, it is a good sign – both for Jews and for the Polish Republic.

Because – and it is purely personal satisfaction – the initiatives of the previous Board of the Association of Jewish Communities which I presided were successful.
Because – in accordance with the decision we made at the time – neither repeated lobbying among the MPs nor legal actions before the EU Tribunal ever took place, and, contrary to what was suggested, we focused on activities in Poland.
Because we managed to separate commercial issues from religious in this dispute.
Because this was the right way, as it turns out.
As people, we make choices.
We decide to become vegetarian or eat meat for reasons of health or religious beliefs – but we should have the right to make such decisions independently.
In conclusion, I would like to thank the members of the previous Board of the Association who participated in the process for their support and efficiency in action.
This has been your success, too.